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views: Copyright notice

Thank you for visiting our website. Before using this website, please read the following terms and regulations about visiting and using this website.

Your browsing and use of this website will be subject to the following terms of use. If you browse and use this website, you agree to and abide by these terms, including privacy protection policy, and online information. Romogoo reserves the right to change the information and materials contained in this website and the terms, conditions and instructions displayed therein without infringing upon your legal rights and interests already in force. The change shall take effect from the time of publication.

1. Intellectual property protection

Unless otherwise specified, the copyright of the structure, web design, text, image and other information of this website belongs to romogoo. No other third party may copy or use it illegally in any other way. The copyright rights and interests of the contents and images independently designed, compiled and produced by this website belong to romogoo Rugao. Any other third party who needs to reprint or use in other ways must obtain our written permission, and indicate the source and the mark that the copyright belongs to us when using it. We reserve the right to take legal measures to investigate the responsibility for any violation of relevant national laws and regulations, disrespect for the statement of this website, unauthorized use of the content of this website without the consent of this website and without indicating the source.

2. Information submission

You agree that any and all suggestions, designs, views, pictures, recommendations and other matters or contents (excluding your personal information) disclosed or provided to romogoo through this website or other means are not your confidential information or private information. If provided to romogo, you are deemed to agree to use all the submitted information for romogoo's legal use. Romogoo is not liable to (1) guarantee the confidentiality of the submitted information; (2) pay you or anyone else any fee for the submission or use of the submitted information; (3) respond to or confirm any submission. You shall be responsible for the content of any submitted information, and shall guarantee that it does not infringe any rights of any third party, including but not limited to copyright, trademark, patent, technical secret, privacy or other personal or property rights. you agree that romogoo has the right (but not the obligation) to copy, publish, distribute or use the submitted information for any purpose, including but not limited to advertising, promotion, product development or other commercial purposes, at no cost to you or other third parties.

If any obligee or other third party considers that any / all submitted information infringes its rights, including but not limited to copyright, trademark right and patent, it shall submit a written notice to the website (the "notice") requires the website to delete the submitted information or to disconnect the link with the submitted information. The notice shall include but not be limited to the following contents: the name, contact information and address of the obligee or other third party; the name and network address of the infringing submitted information requiring deletion or disconnection; and the copyright of the suspected infringing submitted information Proof of the ownership of his legal rights; proof of the fact of information infringement suspected of infringement. The obligee or other third party shall be responsible for the authenticity of the notice. Once received the notice, the station will review the notice according to law and take appropriate measures.

3. Website services

This site may contain links to other websites. Romogoo is not responsible for the validity of other websites linked to this website and for any information or materials provided or obtained by other websites. Romogo's provision of links to other websites or references to any other third party's information, products or services does not mean that romogoo recognizes the website or content. Please contact the administrators of other websites for any questions and suggestions. Without the prior consent of romogoo, it is not allowed to link the station at will.

4. Product description

We do not provide online trading services, so you can not purchase products through this site. The products displayed in this website are only part of romogoo product series, not all products. The products displayed in this website do not mean that all the exclusive stores of romogoo are sold. We may change the style, design and color of romogoo products from time to time without further notice.

5. Disclaimer

The content of this site may contain inaccuracies or typographical errors. Romogoo shall not be responsible or liable for any error or error, or for any loss or damage caused by such error or error or the user's reliance on information obtained from or through the site. You have the obligation to measure and distinguish the information provided by this website and other contents. This site and the information and content contained in this site may be changed from time to time. Romogoo does not need to give prior or after notice. Local laws may have mandatory provisions on limitation and exemption of liability, in which case such mandatory laws shall prevail.

6. No guarantee commitment

Our website and its content are provided "as is". No representation or warranty, express or implied, is made, including, but not limited to, a warranty that there is no malicious program (such as a virus, worm, or Trojan horse) or that the site or its content is marketable, suitable or suitable for a particular purpose, and is exempt from any representation or warranty. No representation or warranty is made as to the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information contained in this website, or that there are no defects or that any defects will be remedied. Using this website means that you agree to bear the risk of using this website, and you shall be responsible for any loss not caused by romogoo, including but not limited to data loss, service or maintenance costs necessary for any equipment and / or software. Meanwhile, romogoo shall not be responsible for any non romogoo caused by or caused by your use of this site Be responsible or liable for the damage. The mandatory laws of some jurisdictions do not allow for the exclusion of guarantees, in which case such mandatory laws shall prevail.

7. Limitation and exemption of liability

In any case, romogo shall not be liable for any factual, direct, indirect, special, punitive, incidental, vigilant or consequential damages arising from or related to the use or inability to use the site and the information, products and content on the site, whether based on contract, tort or other legal theories Any liability. In some jurisdictions, the mandatory law does not allow for the exclusion of liability, in which case such mandatory law shall prevail.

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