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Beijing Romogoo Brand Management Co., Ltd

Romogoo Romogoo brand belongs to Beijing Romogoo Brand Management Co., Ltd., and the brand was founded in 2018. Romogoo follows the creative spirit of "supreme dream, born for love". We respect the times, live up to the times, we revere every dream worthy of respect, and are committed to sharing this spirit with everyone with brand attitude.



Romogoo brand culture

Romogoo comes from the love of life, the unremitting pursuit of the supreme dream, not blindly following the trend culture, adhere to their own opinions, and maintain high-quality comfort and originality. The introduction of high-quality cotton, silk, wool, linen and other fabrics, deconstruction and restructuring to create a new wearing experience. It integrates the interesting and cool elements into the diversified trend of women's wear, and interprets the traditional elements with bright colors and brand-new crafts, so as to conform to the current trend of younger trend. All kinds of popular sports elements are integrated into daily wear, and comfortable and advanced sports fabrics are selected to highlight the all-round practicability and comfort, reflect the pursuit of free life, and emphasize the new connotation of fashion taste and fashion influence

Romogoo brand concept


Romogoo brand concept

Romogoo's observation and attempt of life is the inspiration of design, using "play" to explain sports, and pass this relaxed attitude of life to people who yearn for the quality of life. The design emphasizes practicality and functionality, and pursues intellectual charm and connotation in details with delicate structural design. Romogoo relies on the global design power, creates colorful life beauty with unrestricted, free and original creation attitude, integrates sports tone and fashion sen



The founding team of romogoo

The company is composed of a group of creative designers and passionate young people. They subvert the tradition, break the conventional concept, rediscover the connotation of clothing and find the visual expression in line with it. They are sunny, interesting, free and full of adventurous spirit. They hope to share this spirit with everyone with brand attitude through their own efforts, so as to give you a free atmosphere and a way to resonate with courage. They think that it is not only to create something new, but also to develop the familiar things as unknown areas. They also have the creative spirit of "supreme dream, born for love".